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Posted in Uncategorized by gregmironchuk on November 7, 2011

My old Minoltas... two SRT's, two XD11's, an XG9, and lenses from 20mm to 300mm... and a Halliburton case.

Modern cameras are boring… when I started, back in 1492, lenses featured something called “knurling” on the focus rings… metal cut into a fluted pattern, that the tips of your fingers could find themselves nestled into, to make small and constant, focus tweaks. The textured rubber, that replaced knurling, was much cheaper to put onto a lens, and saved the manufacturers of cameras and lenses a lot of money and employee-hours… and then there were Autofocus lenses, that diminished the focus ring, altogether… sigh… it’s just not a tactile as it used to be. I like the feel of the knurling, and miss it.