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Something Old, Something New…

Posted in Uncategorized by gregmironchuk on February 22, 2012

My William, at The Lynn, MA, Observatory, looking for a picture or two...

I’m on a 120 Film/Twin Lens Camera jag, this week… found an old box with a couple of dead YashicaMats in it… assembled them into a whole, working YashicaMat, and took it out with us, while we looked for some pictures to put toward William’s ‘portfolio’, to take to The Boy Scouts’ Merit Badge University (at Harvard University) course in photography, next week.
I loaned William my favorite Olympus E300, with the 14-45mm lens, and we went cruising around The North Shore.
One of my favorite spots is High Rock Tower and Observatory, in Lynn. They have a 12″ Meade telescope, in the Observatory, and one can reserve a time to use it, at . There’s a GREAT view, in any direction, and it’s just Peaceful, up there.


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