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Posted in Uncategorized by gregmironchuk on October 30, 2011

Clown-Themed trash bucket, Halloween Carnival, Salem, Massachusetts

Mike Huckabee, running for President, in NH, buttonholed by a Republican Voter in the old Merrimack Restaurant.

OK… I posted both the above photos to FaceBook, in the last week… and, apart from the more obvious similarities… both were made with old Canon Lenses, on Leica cameras… the clown with the old 25mm f/3.5, and Huckabee with the old Canon 50mm f/1.4.

I bring this up, after reading Kirk Tuck’s column, in The Online Photographer, this morning. Tuck, a commercial photographer, in Austin TX, has had his own blog (, for some time. He recently ceased writing it, citing the feeling that he was standing at a cliff, shouting out into the air, and had no reason to believe that anyone was listening.

As it happened, LOTS of people were listening, and he has resumed writing it. Tuck was also quite surprised at how many people were interested in his musings on Camera Equipment. He holds a Contrarian View of such things, as compared to The Conventional Internet Wisdom, and has suffered a good deal of the anonymous thrashing that a lot of Contrarians suffer, from anonymous readers who disagree.

So… if Mr. Tuck is up for the challenge… so am I… here is my Non-Leica Leica Posting.

I have been a Leica Guy, for a LOOONG TIME. I like the small cameras, and the even-smaller lenses. I like the quiet. I like not looking like a photographer… I don’t “do” a photo vest, a huge Domke Bag, 132 ID’s on a lanyard, around my neck, and four Big Digital CaNikons, with Huge Zoom Lenses… I like a jacket and tie, and a couple of dinky cameras… more lenses and “analog capture media” in my pockets.

I still use ’em… and “analog capture media”… because I can’t really GET a good digital camera, that does for me what my M2/3/4’s do for me.

Yeah, yeah… I know… M8/9… Epson RD-1/s/x… I do NOT make enough money to buy an M9… or an M8… and the RD-1’s are all cruising toward the end of their useful lives… and are darned expensive, used, as well.

I have used a Canon G9… which is CLOSE… I also have non-micro 4/3 Panasonic cameras, which are also CLOSE… but no cigar, for either.

My bitch with the Panasonics (and The 4/3 Community) is the lack of small and fast non-zoom lenses… and my bitch with the G9 (lost, sadly, falling off a piano, in the basement of a Unitarian-Universalist Church) is that it is still, basically, a menu-driven P&S camera, that just plain takes too long to make basic adjustments to.

Panasonic has come tantalizingly close, with their GF-1 Micro 4/3 camera, and with the 14, 20, and 45mm lenses… but the GF-1 is now out of production… to be replaced by a new camera (GX-1), that has fewer analog dials, and a Touch Screen, for camera control, which is just about the dumbest thing that I can imagine, for a device that is supposed to be mashed against your face and nose, whilst peering through the auxiliary finder, that you’ll have to buy separately, and fit onto the top of the camera…



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