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Posted in Uncategorized by gregmironchuk on October 15, 2011

Former Malden, MA Fire Chief, Frank Fitzgerald.

Finally, some time, to play with The Blog, again… featured is a nice portrait of Frank Fitzgerald, Malden MA’s longtime Fire Chief.

Fitzgerald was a Visionary… he insinuated his way onto every Board and Committee in Malden… anyone renewing a license, or filing for anything, would get buttonholed by Fitzgerald, and he would offer to vote in their behalf, if they brought their facility up to code, added fire extinguishers, relocated a safety door… in the five years that I worked at The Malden Evening News, there wasn’t a serious fire, until (literally) my last day on the job. Fitzgerald was a One-Man Fire Prevention Squad, and a very nice man, to boot…

Moi, at The Imaging Station of The Upstairs Lounge, at La Hacienda Mironchuk, in glorious Saugus, MA.

I don’t make prints anymore… but I still do develop film, in my sink, in my former darkroom… so I took my old Dual G4 Tower, my 17″ Samsung monitor, and my all-time-favorite Epson 2450 scanner, and set ’em up to work, in the room where the film is developed, and stored in file cabinets. Thankfully, I rarely need it to be dark enough for open film… I have tanks, for up to 4″x5″ film.

I found a bag of color negative 120 sized film (Thanks, Vin!!), and a bunch of C-41 chemistry, under the sink… sooooo… shoot up a roll, and see if the Bleach is still good. Apparently… it is… hot off the scanner (the scanner in the lower right-hand corner!) today… me at the G4G4.

Shot with a Mamiya C-220, and a 55mm lens, for those who care about such things, lit by a no-longer-blacked-out window, behind the camera.

I need a shave…


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  1. Steven Alexander said, on October 17, 2011 at 7:13 pm

    you look tired

  2. gregmironchuk said, on October 17, 2011 at 7:50 pm

    That I am… either Busy, or Dizzy…

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