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Posted in Uncategorized by gregmironchuk on June 12, 2010

Linhof Color Kardan

I recently had an opportunity to refurbish an old Linhof Color Kardan 4″x5″ camera, with bits and parts that I had collected, over the past couple of years.

I have Graphics (Crown and Super Speed Graphics), and a very nice Toyo View Camera, given to me by my old friend, Peter Noel… but the Kardan is special. It works “Like Buttah”, and is SOOO solid and precise…

We’ll be working this guy out, over the Summer… doing stuff like this;

The Long-Suffering Mrs. Mironchuk

I like my Leicas… but THIS is The Real Stuff. Too bad that Type 55 Polaroid has joined Buggy Whips and Atlatls, in the No Longer Extant Technology Department… I guess that I’ll just have to develop sheets…


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