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Posted in Uncategorized by gregmironchuk on June 12, 2010

Last night, former New York Mayor, and former Republican Presidential Candidate Rudy Giuliani won the New Hampshire Institute of Politics’ “New Hampshire Primary Award”.

Some do suggest that Rudy ran a short and ineffective campaign, in New Hampshire, for the 2008 Primary… and was undeserving of the award… but I differ. Giuliani is quite clear that he ought to have spent a bigger portion of his 2008
Campaign in New Hampshire… and isn’t shy about telling anyone and everyone about the real boots-on-sidewalks advantages of the New Hampshire Primary.

There are a lot of other states that want the influence, and the opportunity to “bump” a candidate, the way that the New Hampshire Primary does… but NH is the ONLY state with an existing infrastructure for candidates… anyone coming to NH for some Ink and some Face Time finds a whole industry… ready, willing, and able to help him meet-and-greet, and get him-or-herself to The Next Level.

They ain’t got that in Utah, Bunkie…

This event was a good excuse to break out the old Nikons and Leicas, and thumb-wind a little FILM (remember film?).

Best part of using film? NO CHIMPING!!!

Worst part? Spotting out the dust spots, from the scans…


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