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Old Friends

Posted in Uncategorized by gregmironchuk on April 28, 2010

Bob Crosby

Off to the wake of yet another old friend, Bob Crosby.
Bob had briefly been my boss, at The Oxymoronically Named Daily Evening Item, in Lynn MA, back in the early ’90s. He was a GREAT boss, a GREAT guy, and always a pleasure to be around.
Bob had been a U.S. Marine, back in the early ’50’s, toured Korea, during The Unpleasantries, and was the guy that Eddie Adams reported to, when he was a photographer, in The Marines…
Bob once asked me if I had seen the well-known film of U.S. Marines… in black goggles… “observing” a nuclear bomb detonation, in Utah. He had been one of those Marines (wearing goggles). He then drew close, and said, “I can’t believe that I’m not dead, yet…”
In “Obituese”, Bob loved his children and grandchildren, his garden, his summer place in New Hampshire, by Lake Ossipee, coming out to lunch once a month with The Old Fart Press Photographers of The North Shore (we meet at The Mandarin Danvers MA, on Endicott St., every first friday of the month), and most of all, he loved The Lovely Marge, his Missus of 44 years.
A role model, if there ever was one…