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Singin’ The Blues

Posted in Uncategorized by gregmironchuk on March 10, 2010

While making some pictures, at the Howard Dean event, below… I whipped out my trusty Canon G9, and started to make some video… when I discovered the Dark Side of the “Photographer-With-A-Video-Enabled-Camera-Makes-Some-Video-While-He’s-There” thing… that, sometimes, the light is simply not adequate to make even the most minimal-quality video, and that no amount of “AWB” or “HDR” will fix it.
A Videographer would have walked into this situation with a couple of continuous lights, and not strobes. He or she would have someone help to capture sound…
All of which brings home what my Mother once told me… that you can’t be All Things, to All People, All The Time.


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